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Always open for the community

NFT Gigs supports the community and is open for all projects and companies for free. However, you could take a premium option if you want more visibility or features as well as support us. Due to scamming attempts, all jobs and gigs are pending a quick review


  • Placement on the website
  • Random Promotion
  • Normal review time


  • Premium Placement
  • Promotion
  • Matching with Talent (coming soon)
  • Faster Review


How do I purchase Premium placement?

You could purchase credits via the Stripe link and fill in your Payment ID in the gig posting form.

Why there is a review?

There have been scammers impersonating projects and posting gigs trying to scam people. Thats why we need to do simple verification.

No Crypto Options?

We are working on it, hodl steady.